NCBM Biz Mixer! October 24th at 6pm

If you’re an old timer in North County, you probably remember the Longboard Grotto in Leucadia and all the quirky items they sold. The building has since been brought up to code and changed hands a few times, but now it’s a great collection of businesses called Coffee Coffee, Bing Surfboards, and the site of our next North County Board Meeting business mixer… Duck Foot Brewing! Longboard Grotto may be gone, but the quirkiness still lives in Duck Foot. If one word was to describe them, it would have to be… random? That word encompasses their brewing style, humor, and design style; you’ll get a sense of that when you see their beer names and cans. And if you haven’t been to a NCBM Biz Mixer, it’s a great way to connect our community to a local surf run company. Sponsored by our friends at Surfhouse, come on down Tuesday evening, October 24th at 6pm to hear Duck Foot’s story, grab a drink, network, and have a bite. And as always with our October events, in the spirit of Halloween, wear your oddest/coolest/funkiest t-shirt and you may just walk away with a valuable prize (valuable being a loose term). Thanks for the support and hit up with any questions! 

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