Water’s warm, sun is out, tropical clouds are overhead, and we finally have fun surf

Time to break out that beach cruiser! As you’ve probably seen this summer, parking at the beach has been BRUTAL. That’s where Electra Bicycles come in handy. Throw your board on the surf rack, head down the street to your local break, and get front row parking while others drive around for hours looking for a spot. If you’re not part of the bike brigade yet, here’s your chance: Come join the North County Board Meeting at the new Trek retail location in downtown Encinitas at 6 PM on Thursday, August 24th and see Electra Bicycle’s store within a store concept. It’s one of the cooler shops you’ll see in north county, so head over to grab a bite, enjoy a cold one, and hear about the latest bikes Electra has to offer. (And pick up a beach cruiser and save the environment while you’re at it). The event is open to all surfers who are looking to support their community, so spread the word! Thanks for being part of the North County Board Meeting and we’ll see you August 24th! 

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