North County San Diego Board Meeting
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Jonathan Hanwit

Jonathan Hanwit is the CEO and co-founder of thinkParallax, a full service creative agency that is focused
on building brand with purpose. Social responsibility, employee engagement, community outreach and
education are the areas of focus for his company.

Over the past several years Jonathan has been active in the community by volunteering time and/or money to
Surfaid, Rolling Readers, The New Childrens Museum, International Bipolar Foundation as well as Paul Ecke
Central and Capri Elementary schools in Encinitas.

His agency has received numerous design, marketing and advertising awards over the last 11 years.
Surfing has been a part of his life for more than 25 years and has shaped the way he lives, travels
and even raises his family. it has given him a deep appreciation for the ocean and all that it gives back.

It's taken Jonathan around the world, introduced him to amazing places and people and has brought
him here to live here in Encinitas. His involvement with the NC Board Meeting is to grow the local
network, be part of group of like-minded business people and give back to the community.

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